Sweet Combat - 甜蜜暴擊
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As the eldest daughter of the Fang Conglomerate, Fang Yu was raised to become the sole successor of the company, yet she goes against her family's objections to pursue boxing and won the championship title at the young age of 18. On the other hand, Ming Tian comes from a poor family. He once stopped schooling for three years in order to work and he decided to apply for a sports scholarship despite not having any background whatsoever. Fang Yu was one of the first to see his talents and their relationship grows over time.

《甜蜜暴擊》(英文:SWEET COMBAT),由華策集團金溪影視、湖南快樂陽光互動娛樂傳媒有限公司聯合製作,葉昭君擔任總製片人。如萍編劇,導演由柯翰辰擔任。由鹿晗、關曉彤、裴子添、邵雨薇、趙越、李萌萌等主演的青春熱血格鬥劇。